The #1 Reason Americans Boycott a Brand May Surprise You

Have you ever boycotted a product or a company? If so, what fueled your decision? A recent survey of American consumers says the number one reason does not involve a company’s stance on unions or an environmental accident or even a possible health risk from a product.

The number one reason Americans will boycott a company — politics.


51% of survey respondents say their reason for boycotting a company or a product are tied to a company’s affiliation with a political party or a movement.

Two issues tied for second place with 44% saying they avoid products that have a negative impact on our overall health as well as those companies with a bad record on racism or exhibit racist policies.

Friday, Mike Opelka spoke with supermarket guru Phil Lempert about the survey’s results.

Listen to Opelka’s interview with Lempert.

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