‘If you’re reading this, then the surgery did not go well.” Grab a tissue or two…mom’s last letter to daughter is today’s ‘must read’

On November 1, Hannah Summer shared a note her mother hoped would never be given to the young woman.

The two-page, typed letter was written by Hannah’s mom, Peggy. She wrote this note and other individual notes to Hannah’s siblings, last summer before she faced surgery in her battle against kidney cancer. Peggy Summers passed away on Halloween.

Hannah posted the letter on Twitter and the response has been overwhelming, garnering over a quarter of a million “likes” and has been re-tweeted over 82,000 times.

“Please hug your parents a little closer and never take them for granted because you never know when you could lose them.”

Hannah’s mom offered advice and encouragement to her daughter, telling her what a “great nurse” she will make, encouraging the 18-year to remain strong in her faith and not be afraid to share that faith with others.

Peggy Summers closed her note by letting Hannah know, “I love you more than you will ever know.” Then signing it, “Mom.”

Thousands of complete strangers have also left messages of support and appreciation for Hannah.

Well done, mom. Well done.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

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