Breaking: Dem’s Talking Point du Jour — ‘Puerto Rico is Trump’s Katrina’

I noticed something last night and this morning…liberal politicians and liberal members of the mainstream media appear to be trying to tie President Trump and his administration’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico to the Bush administration and hurricane Katrina.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, John Avlon of CNN and the Daily Beast and Rep. Nydia Valesquez (D-NY) all tried to tie President Trump to Katrina in recent on-air appearances.

Is it a coordinated effort? I believe it is.

Remember when the left tried to make President Bush a racist? It happened right after hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi.

As most Americans were focused on helping the area recovery, there were liberals slamming the president’s response and claiming this was tied to race. The most famous moment happened when hip-hop star Kanye West declared, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” during a telethon to raise money for the recovery efforts.

West later apologized for the comment. However, the damage was done.

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