Saudi Arabia — Should you worry about the turmoil, tension with Iran, arresting all of those Princes, etc? (YES!)

What the heck is happening in Saudi Arabia?

Last weekend, Houthi rebels fired an intercontinental ballistic missile at the Saudi capitol of Riyadh from Yemen. The missile was shot down using a Patriot missile battery.

The Saudis consider the missile launch to be a declaration of war. Additionally, shrapnel from the incoming rocket is reported to show a connection to Iran… (The Iranians openly support the Houthi rebels.)

Seventy percent of the population in Saudi Arabia is under thirty years old.  Additionally,  at just 31-years-old, Mohammad bin Salman (aka MbS), the new Crown Prince of the kingdom is also a (relatively) young man.

And then, there’s the Saudi purge.

Presented as a crackdown orchestrated by the Crown Prince, dozens of members of the royal family and cabinet members were “locked up” in the Four Seasons hotel or placed under “house arrest.”

Among those detained, one of the world’s richest men, investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

To try and understand all of these events, Mike enlisted author Gerald Posner.

Listen to Mike’s interview with Posner, the author or “Secrets of the Kingdom.

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