Food Stamp Abuse Or… Woman claims she’s on disability, uses food stamps to buy lobster and feeds it to her dog

Is it real?

That was the question in our minds after seeing a youtube video claiming to show a woman using her “food stamps” (EBT card) to purchase lobster at the grocery store and then feed the expensive shellfish to her dog.

The unnamed woman claims she is on disability for depression. In the 4:52 video, the woman brags about receiving a free cell phone from the government and buying expensive designer keychains with “back pay” she received from Social Security.

Throughout the entire clip, the reprehensible freeloader mocks the “minimum wage” workers who “can barely afford to f**king feed themselves” and wonders if their “flip phones” get shut off all the time…”she can’t even f**king afford to pay her bill, right?”

Is she making a point or mocking the system she is scamming? Let us know.

The original video was pulled from YouTube over a copyright claim. An edited version has surfaced here. (Content warning: The woman drops F-Bombs galore — definitely not safe for work / broadcast.)

H/T RedState

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