Fighting ‘Trump Fatigue’ — SNL and ‘Family Guy’ Show Us Comedy can be Bipartisan

Just last month, SNL alum Dana Carvey told the Daily Beast of his concern about his former employer’s obsession with sketches about Donald Trump. Carvey warned SNL about “Trump fatigue.”

Is it possible Saturday Night Live was listening?

The November 11 episode of the NBC comedy show featured a brutal sketch depicting Democrats as the party of old (and mostly white) people.

Additionally, Seth MacFarlane’s animated series, “Family Guy” had a hilarious segment showing Brian Griffin (the family’s talking dog), facing off with a group of angry Social Justice Warriors. The snarky dog attempts to apologize to the crowd gathered outside the family home for a joke…only to face what many have encountered when addressing these snowflakes.

Listen to Mike play some highlights from these two remarkable events.

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