Tuesday – July 14, 2020

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1789 – French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille

1853 – The first World’s Fair opened in NYC

1946 – Dr. Spock published his “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care”

1951 – The George Washington Carver monument in Joplin, MO is the first National Park honoring an African American

1968 – Hank Aaron hits home run #500

1980 – Ronald Reagan tells GOP convention he wants to “Make America Great Again”

News and The Politics out of D.C.

Trump says he has a very good relationship with Fauci… what say you?

Appeals court says Trump admin can’t withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities

Press Sec — Trump thinks Native Americans will be angry over Redskins name change

CDC Director wants everyone to wear a mask for six weeks to “drive Covid into the ground”

McConnell in talks with Treasury Sec about next round of pandemic support payments

More on pandemic support — Kudlow says “phase four” is coming

Roger Stone’s first post-clemency interview went pretty much as you expected

Judge lifted restraining order on Mary Trump, the night before her book release

NY Gov pummeled online for selling poster bragging about his state’s virus reaction

Sterilization, forced abortion, mandatory birth control — inside China”s XiaJiang province

General News

The Virus Update: Hong Kong to close Disneyland tomorrow, China warns on Aussie travel

CA Gov Newsome orders state shut down indoor activities, bars, again

More than half of COVID patients have heart damage

Orange County school board wants kids back in class, no masks, no social distancing

“You took my son, go  to hell!” Father and grandmother of murdered 1-yr-old speak out

Vandals dump red paint over Black Lives Matter “mural” on street outside Trump Tower

Is George Soros pouring hundreds of millions into “racial equality” push?

The Left’s plush to boycott Goya Foods has backfired spectacularly

Ghislaine Maxwell tried to flee, had cellphone wrapped in foil

Maxwell has also been moved to protect her from would-be assassins

Washington Post editor is now going after the Texas Rangers — of course it’s racist 

Other News Catching My Eye

SUNSCREEN??? New study says prolonged use of sunscreen is bad for you…

Perfect — Just perfect – A squirrel in Colorado tests positive for the plague

Nick Cannon goes off on racist, anti-semitic rant against white people and jews

Steve Harvey goes viral with this Family Feud clip — ridiculous answers get a reaction

Megan McCain rips Joy Behar for claiming the GOP doesn’t care about children

Nursing home residents and staff beautifully re-create iconic album covers

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