Monday – June 20, 2020

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National Lollipop Day 

Countdown to the 2020 Election — 106 days to go!

Meme du Jour



1881 – Sioux Chief Sitting Bull surrendered to the Feds

1934 – Keokuk, IA recorded a temp of 118 degrees (Was there a global warming panic?)

1969 – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon… “One small step…”

1985 – Treasure hunters located the Spanish ship Nuestra SeƱora off Key West — the ship contained $400mil in gold and silver

News and The Politics out of D.C.

Civil Rights warrior and Congressman John Lewis passed away

CBC wants the President to be silent about John Lewis’ passing — “Let us mourn in peace.” Aren’t all of us allowed to mourn this man’s passing??? 

Rep. James Clyburn supports re-naming the Pettus Bridge for John Lewis

OOPS… Senator Rubio apologized for posting a photo of himself with the late Elijah Cummings instead of John Lewis

Kanye West is still running for President — However, the math is not good for him

Since he’s running for office, Kanye held an “event” – but, no clapping allowed

Senior Trump official say the CDC is politicizing the pandemic

Stephen Moore is confident about the economy, “This was a good week.”

Chris Wallace gets in a bizarre exchange with President Trump over cognitive test

Remember when Donald Trump suggested the press ask Prince Andrew about Epstein?

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is hospitalized (minor, non-Coronavirus related)

Director John Waters — Hollywood’s political correctness will get Trump re-elected

General News

Virus Updates: LA Mayor says city on the brink, Texas sees promising news

CDC acknowledges mixing up COVID-19 testing data (But, you must believe them)

Also, there was no sudden surge of infections among infants in Texas

Three important points from Dr Fauci’s WEB-MD interview

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus and his wife had the virus in March, both recovered

Portland riots — Police Union boss says politicians “condoned” destruction of city

Seattle riots – Fire set inside police precinct, looters hit Amazon Go store

Re-open schools? NC teachers say not until you give benefits to illegals

MSNBC host’s shocked look as experts all agree kids should go back to school

Husband, son of federal judge shot by man in Federal Express uniform in NJ
Missouri governor says he’ll pardon the St Louis couple who

brandished guns to protect their home from protesters — if they are charged

Parents say they got their 17-yr-old’s sex wrong… held a belated gender reveal party for “our son”

Other News Catching My Eye

Good News: After car accident, Garland, TX police help woman with groceries and rent

Artists install “living” Anti-Trump statues around D.C.

Great stuff: “Karen’s Gone Wild” parodies are everywhere

WOKE OLYMPICS – Docs call for name changes to “Adam’s apple” and “Achilles tendon”

WOKE OLYMPICS 2 – Trader Joes being asked to change racist product names

Hero: Veteran hangs American flags at Portland Courthouse

Struggling mall owners transform parking lots into drive-in movie theaters

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