Journalist claims ‘fascist’ PayPal banned him over reporting the truth about Sweden’s immigrant crisis

Self-described “Libertarian” Peter Imanuelsen (aka “Peter Sweden”) is as an independent journalist, working without the benefit of a network affiliation in his home country. Mr. Sweden supports his reporting by collecting donations from readers and social media followers via PayPal.

At least, he used to be able to receive donations via the digital money exchange. On Wednesday, Imanuelsen received this notice from PayPal

Image: Twitter

On his Twitter page, Mr. Imanuelsen claims to be “a Swedish journalist reporting the truth about what’s happening in Sweden.”

Image: Twitter

PayPal was not impressed and claimed in the letter, “Due to the nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you.”

I am just a Swedish journalist reporting the truth about what’s happening in Sweden.

The “limitation” is also not a temporary one. PayPal called the action “permanent,” ordering Imanuelsen to remove all references to the service from his website.

On Thursday, “Pure Opelka” host Mike Opelka spoke with Imanuelsen from his home in Sweden, explaining not only the banning from PayPal, but also sharing the shocking story of the number of hand grenade attacks and bombings in the small Scandinavian country.

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