A firestorm erupted on social media late Friday after 22-yr-old Storm Durham announced she had been fired fired from her job at the Roanoke City Social Services and claiming the action was taken because she has a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Durham’s tweet was liked more than 30,000 times and has been re-tweeted more than 24,000 times.

Media outlets all over the country have reached out to the young lady. On Saturday afternoon, Durham spoke with syndicated talk show hosts Angie Austin and Mike Opelka.

The full interview with Angie Austin and Mike Opelka will air Monday morning on their radio show’s flagship affiliate, KLZ 560AM.

Storm Durham told Austin and Opelka she was stunned by the termination and is contacting a lawyer to discuss her options.

In recent months, the young woman claimed to have been confronted by the human resources department at her office and quizzed about possible “domestic violence” in her home. Durham said there was concern because “they knew I had guns.” How did her employer know Ms. Durham and her boyfriend had guns in the home? Social media is to blame. Durham states she regularly posts items online about her hunting trips.

As a 9-year-old, Storm Durham began to use firearms under the direction of her family, especially her grandfather — who owned a gun shop. The young woman also states she is an avid hunter and proudly declares to Austin and Opelka she has shot “more bucks than both my brothers combined.”

In the radio interview, Durham also discussed a negative evaluation she received for wearing loafers to a training session. “There were people in the room wearing pajamas,” said Durham, adding, “some were wearing Ugg boots.”

Durham’s story has been challenged by some claiming she was fired for not meeting a department mandated quoted for “clearing cases.” During her tenure with the Roanoke City Social Services office, Durham suffered a concussion as well as a broken leg. Both of these injuries had an effect on the overall number of cases Durham could address. She states she was meeting or exceeding her quota before the accidents.

Watch Storm Durham from a Facebook post explaining what happened and taking questions from viewers on social media.

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