2017’s best ‘Black Friday’ scam? Dress like an employee and walk past the lines

Fact: This year, more Americans will participate in the cyber version of Black Friday sales. It makes sense. Why bother with the hassle of the long lines and the rugby scrum to grab a big ticket item at a “discounted price?”

Any holiday shopping I do will be online. I do not participate in Black Friday sales. Ever.

However, I do monitor the madness, and marvel at how it continues, despite the fact the deals are not worth standing in line for hours (or days — as this guy did to save $300 on a television).

Fewer people standing in long lines outside of stores has not stunted the creativity of those hoping to beat the system and get to the front of the line without the inconvenience of actually standing in line.

One such bit of genius popped up on Twitter. Yes, I said genius. That was my first thought when I saw tweets offering Walmart uniforms (vests, shirts, even ID tags) for sale. If you think about it, stores with massive lines on Friday are likely to be more focused on the people in line than a person sporting the official uniform of the company.

The above post was retweeted more than 30,000 times and sparked a host of others selling their big box store uniforms.

This offer included a name tag, “veterans tag,” a hat, AND even added typical Walmart language — “every day low price of $59.99.”

Walmart was not the only “big box” retailer with uniforms offered for sale.

One day after the original post caught fire, the author claimed it was all a joke.

Apparently, Walmart noticed.

H/T – Zero Hedge

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